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Fall 2020

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Volume 34, #3

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KAM Conference Update

First of all, I hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy. The annual conference is quickly approaching, so be sure to get signed up before October 2nd to be entered into the drawing for one of two grand prizes, a registration packet with conference gift, and other goodies (not to mention a great conference!).

We have most of the sessions filled and you can view the list of topics below. We are still arranging schedules; the actual times are not quite finalized yet. Below, we also have some tips to make your conference experience go smoothly, so be sure to read on for invaluable tips. The conference program will be created and updated on the KAM site similar to last year’s event.  A quick registration for the meeting itself will be required outside of the main registration so we can track who is attending and verify paid attendees.

Top 10 Tips to Make This Conference an Awesome Experience

10. Create a sign for your office door or work area that states something like, “IN TRAINING: Please email me and I will help you as soon as I can.”

9. If possible, attend using a hardwired network line instead of WiFi so you don’t experience annoying interruptions.

8. Immerse yourself as if you were in an actual meeting. Try not to answer phone calls, etc.

7. If you do have to use WIFI, physically move your computer closer to the router.

6. Listen using headphones! This allows you to hear everything better and will eliminate any chance of feedback.

5. Be aware that we will be using 3 different delivery methods for online content: GoToWebinar for the opening session, GoToMeeting for the live sessions, and YouTube for the recorded sessions.

4. Preconference workshops will be fully interactive, so be sure to have a camera, microphone, and headphones ready to use (but you don’t have to use the camera if you don’t want to).

3. Submit an item for the map gallery. Everything will be digital this year, so why not!?

2. Prepare a list of questions to presenters ahead of time, don’t wait to ask a questions on the spot.

1. Participate in the conference! Answer poll questions, ask questions, and join in on chats. The conference will be what you make of it, and the interaction of our members will make it great.

Topics included in this year’s conference include:

  • GIS Leadership and Best Practices
  • COVID-19 GIS Responses
  • Arcade
  • Real Estate Title
  • ArcGIS Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro
  • Open Source GIS
  • ArcGIS Hub
  • Use of DASC GIS web services
  • K-Hub Linear Referencing System
  • Experience Builder and Dashboards
  • Cartography in ArcGIS Pro
  • And others…

Lee Allen
2020 Program Chair

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QureiQuirky Things about Real Estate Title

Fellow KAM members,

We will have a presenter at our virtual conference that will speak about deeds and other conveyances in a session entitled "Quirky Things about Real Estate Title."

Vernon L Jarboe has practiced law in northeast Kansas for more than 40 years. Mr. Jarboe concentrates his practice in the areas of real estate and business law. He is one of eight well-known real estate educators recently chosen by the Kansas Association of Realtors® to teach video-based online courses that will be available nationally to more than 200,000 real estate professionals. Mr. Jarboe is also one of relatively few attorneys in Kansas with extensive experience in condemnation cases. He regularly authors material for publication and lectures on real estate and construction law matters. He lectures several times each year to attorneys and real estate professionals.

This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered. The speaker is a Real Estate Attorney in Topeka. His presentation will likely be pre-recorded, so if you have any questions or any unusual deeds or situations you have run across, please send them to me so I can forward them to him. Your questions can be anything relating to transfers or even legal descriptions.

Don’t miss out on this chance to gain knowledge from a Real Estate expert!

Melissa Crane, RMA, PKM
CAMA Specialist, Division of Property Valuation

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