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Kansas Association of Mappers

KAM is the professional society for mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Kansas. Our members live and work across the state in all areas of mapping: local, county, state, and federal government, education, private industry, utilities, and contractors. The goal of KAM is to provide networking, collaboration, and training opportunities across multiple disciplines of mapping to maximize the potential impact of GIS and geography to benefit the State of Kansas and its residents.

KAM services:

  • Annual, low-cost training opportunities in the form of classes and the annual conference
  • Active job listings
  • Quarterly newsletter

KAM operates under the guidance of its member-elected Executive Board. Please direct any questions to kamappers@gmail.com.

KAM History

In 1986, the State of Kansas underwent a mass reappraisal and classification. This required every county in Kansas to acquire new photo base maps and digitize ownership, agricultural use, and soil overlays. That same year, a small group of individuals determined that there was a need for an association to deal with the issues of mapping and to offer a forum for exchange of information.

The first organizational meeting was held April 2, 1986 and a steering committee was formed. The group selected Kansas Association of Mappers as the official name. In addition, they developed a list for membership, developed a constitution, created two levels of professional designations, and filed for nonprofit charter. The Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Kansas Secretary of State on April 14, 1986.

The first conference was held in November 1986. The growth and expansion that KAM has undergone since then can gauge the success of the one-day conference. At the 8th Annual Conference in 1993, the membership approved the 3rd Edition of the constitution that broadened the scope of KAM. The organization became more broadly based with a large variety of land information specialists joining in. The membership is currently more than 200 strong and includes professionals from the federal, state, and local government, the private sector, and academic institutions.

In 1996, Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh certified the KAM compass design logo that you see at the top of our website.

KAM operates from a constitution and a set of by-laws. The Executive Board administers the business of the association. In addition, KAM has several standing committees to support its activities.

KAM is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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