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Designation Requirements and Fees

To be considered for designation for one of the three designation types, KAM members must meet the criteria listed below. There is a $25 Candidacy Application Fee.

A validated examination is necessary to test the applicant's knowledge of mapping and GIS principles and techniques, as well as Kansas practices and procedures. Specific information regarding the format of the examination and time limits will be provided to candidates prior to the examination.

The examination will be given only after all other requirements have been met. Examinations must be proctored by an appointed PKM Designee for KM and PKM exams or a KGISD Designee for KGISD exams. An oral examination may be required at the discretion of the Certification Committee.

The candidate shall assert by affidavit that if designated, they will abide by the KAM Constitution, Bylaws, and Standards of Professional Conduct. After the candidate completes all requirements for a professional designation, the Executive Board, on the recommendation of the Certification Committee, will confer the appropriate designation.

After a designation is awarded, the designee is required to comply with certain re-designation criteria and fees. KM annual dues are $10, PKM annual dues are $15, and KGISD annual dues are $15. These fees are in addition to annual KAM Membership fees. There are no charges for the re-designation program or the Designation Certificate and Pin.

Within a 5-year period after receiving a designation, the designee must acquire re-designation points. Kansas Mappers (KM) must acquire 40 points, and Profession Kansas Mappers (PKM) and Kansas GIS Designations (KGISD) must both acquire 50 points. All designees must also maintain a continuous KAM Membership as well as associated annual dues.

Fee Type Cost 
 Application Fee $25 (for each application)
 Kansas Mapper (KM) $10 (annual)
 Professional Kansas Mapper (PKM) $15 (annual)
 Kansas GIS Designation (KGISD) $15 (annual)

Requirements for All Candidates

The applicant must be a member in good standing of the Kansas Association of Mappers and must make formal application for candidacy.

The applicant must submit the following: (1) a candidacy application form; (2) supporting documentation; and (3) the appropriate fee(s).

A current KM, PKM, or KGISD designee must attest to the applicant’s qualifications by signing their application.

Based on the information provided, the applicant will be notified as to the status of candidacy and any pending designation requirements.

Applicants must be an approved candidate 30 days prior to sitting for the scheduled designation exam.

Kansas Mapper (KM) Requirements

  • Have two (2) full years of cadastral mapping experience; or one (1) full years experience and have successfully completed either a three (3) credit hour college course dealing with mapping, or IAAO Course 600; or one (1) full year's experience and hold a certificate of graduation from a vocational/technical school in mapping or an approved equivalent.
  • Be engaged in the use, production or maintenance of cadastral maps.
  • Successfully complete an approved mapping course or equivalent.
  • Successfully complete a designation exam which will be established and revised when necessary.

Professional Kansas Mapper (PKM) Requirements

  • Have three (3) full years of cadastral mapping experience or its equivalent.
  • Be engaged in the use, production or maintenance of cadastral maps.
  • Attend a minimum of 30 hours of study in mapping, surveying or a closely related field.
  • Successfully complete the Map Compilation portion of the exam, which will be established and revised when necessary, a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled Master Exam.
  • Successfully complete the Master Exam portion of the examination which will be established and revised when necessary.

Kansas GIS Designation (KGISD) Requirements

  • Have completed two (2) years of college in a degree program in a GIS related field or have four (4) years of experience working in a GIS related field.
  • Submit two (2) references relating to the above, only one from current job.
  • Successfully complete a designation examination which will be established and revised when necessary.

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