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  • 20 Jun 2022 10:00 AM
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    Good Day All,

    Is there a way to request that the lat/long coordinates for section corners be documented on the Land Survey Reference Reports that are filed?  Generally if I need the information I contact the surveying company, but I thought it might be more convenient if it was recorded on the reference reports?

    Thank you for your time and thoughts.

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  • 21 Jun 2022 8:21 AM
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    A corner tie report is filed with Kansas Historical Society (https://www.kshs.org/p/land-survey/19123) and maybe shared with the County Surveyor.  There are fees associated with making requests from KSHS and because we work closely with our county's survey folks, the question hasn't come up and we went a different way to develop corner locations for both use in GIS and users of GIS.  Sharing coordinates is not part of the tie report but if the survey community in your jurisdiction is supportive of GIS being a repository for a representation of the corner locations, a custom form can be generated with coordinates from your system.  The attachments show a blank copy of the KSHS form, a custom form with a corner processed by our county's survey crew, and a custom form with a corner that hasn't been processed by our county's survey crew.  The difference being one has coordinates and the other doesn't.

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